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Once upon a time In the City Of Medicine, there lived a young innocent girl who possesed extrodinary powers of magic,She can create all sorts of magical creatures and could by the time she was 5 grant wishes via magical spheres called dreamspheres.Yes she was distined for great things …until the day her father a great hero was caught up in a battle against agents of evil— and she was caught in the crossfire sending her into a deep sleep that lasted for 5 years. But while her body slumbered,however, her spirit traveled to the realm of sleep where she is taught how to manipulate the materials of dreams and wield the energies of pure creation—the powers that shaped mens’s mind and souls,powers of the dreams and imagination. When she awoke it was to a battle between her family and the evil forces that desired her mind and body. After defeating the evildoers and Saving lives She decided to help her father and her uncle protect the earth until summoned by the Trsimegestius Council and is given the God Power in order to safeguard the earth from the evil overlord Tyyrannon the Conqueror Thus gathering a team of magcigirl mystics to protect the Earth as THE COURT OF DREAMS. As she grew however so did her magical abilities so her daughter was born she passed the mantle to her, Thus the daughter became the New DREAMSTAR.
The COURT of DREAMS is a Champions Anime campaign for the Hero System and is spun off from my original superhero campaign. In it You and your friends are the protector of the earth dimension and must use magic powers against the forces of evil that dwell in other dimensions and alternate universes. As this is part of the CHAMPIONS HIGH universe you can expect some crossovers from Team Alpha and many more superteams from the New CU as well as many villians mystic and mundane.

These are the levels that your PCs must go through on each season[game sessions] of your adventures;
Apprentice:Little or no magic spells, mostly attack abilities 100-199 act pts

Adept: Power level increased, restricted to one or two magic spells, Stranger magic attacks 199-250 actpts[Level 1] 250-299actpts[Level 2],299-325act pts[level 3]

Magus:Power levels raised,Healing abilities added,attack powers range increased,can cast up to 5 spells and enchantments 399-421act pts[level 1], 425-459act pts[level 2], 499-519 pts[level3]

Archmagi: The highest rank of the magical community, Can use up to 20 spells & enchantments Strongest Magic attacks: 519-599+pts W/100pt disads

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