House Rules & Background

Welcome to the campaign where there is romance,Drama,Comedy and adventure are mixed with mystic spells and alternate universes. Where evil scorceries collides with celestial powers and where a youing girl can become a heroine with magical abilities. Welcome to The world of the COURT OF DREAMS.
This campaign is inspired by all the magical girl Shoujo Anime,such as MAGIC KNIGHTS RAYEARTH,
PRETEAR,SAILOR MOON,& thePRETTY CURE SERIES it’s also an amalgamation of mystical heroes like DR FATE<DR STRANGE,ZATANNA and a host of others.

h2. House rules
When you join the game you must either choose the character shown below or create a PC of your own. also you must play this as a anime series with all the comedic or dramatic beats of a shoujo manga. CHARACTERS

  2. Animalia
  3. Moon Mystic
  4. SunSpell
  5. FLora[Evergreen]
  6. Aquatina[Oceana]
  7. Wizdomna[Logika]

In order to create your PCs follow these rankings and also use the elemental and mystic masters package from the CHAMPIONS genre book

  • Apprentice= Travel Powers Limited, Attack powers=1,combo powers/attack: 1
    99 pts-150 pts
    *Adept= Travel powers:2, Defensive powers:2.Attack powers:2

House Rules & Background

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